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Assessment for Learning is a continuing process based in learner goals, relationships, complex tasks, reflection and exhibitions of learning. The Winter Launch is about setting goals and building relationships. 

The focus of the Winter Launch is on connection and inquiry, and we won’t be introducing new content through traditional conference sessions like panels and presentations at this event. 

You’ll spend most of your time during the Winter Launch in small group conversations on big questions about assessment. We’ll use a new guided reflection process to help make sense of this moment and envision a more just and student-centered future. 

You’ll finish the event with learning intentions for the rest of this year, new ways to connect with AFL peers, and the charge to invite more people into this community.

This is an event for people who are passionate about building the movement to make assessment for learning the norm in our education systems. We expect that most participants will be people who support assessment in schools, districts and networks; people who implement and advocate for assessment-related policies; and teacher leaders.

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