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Measuring What We Value

What becomes possible when we make visible the beliefs and values that shape our measurement systems, and prioritize intellectual and cultural traditions that are marginalized by current assessment policies? 

Assessment for Justice

If we look at assessment through the lens of justice, what questions might we ask? What might we discover? 

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If we look at familiar topics in education and assessment from a fundamentally different perspective, what might we discover? 

Assessment & Stories

How can assessment be a form of storytelling? How can stories be a form of assessment? What can we learn about these two crafts by discussing them together?

Engagement, Evidence of Learning and Zoom School

What can assessment for learning in remote and hybrid schools teach us about more powerful and inclusive student engagement? 

Inspired by one of the most famous photos ever taken, Earthrise Chats invite educators, system leaders, students and community members to ask important questions about our education system, using our current circumstances to take a fundamentally different perspective on familiar issues.

Our first Earthrise Chats are coming soon, on topics like Assessment for Justice, Engagement & Evidence of Learning in Zoom School, Families Engaging Schools, and Rethinking Accountability

Want to host your own? 

Download the Earthrise Chat Conversation Guide

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Rethinking Accountability

If we challenge the assumptions of our accountability systems, what space might we create for other, more reciprocal accountabilities?

Families and Schools

With the boundaries between home and school blurred, how can assessment help families, teachers, and students see learning more clearly?

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