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Our Guiding Question


How will the Assessment for Learning movement lead the way through the crises of the moment to a more just and student-centered future of public education?

To answer this question, AFL 2021 blurs the line between event and national community of practice. It is a constellation of events, experiences and storytelling between February 3 and May 6-7 2021.

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About ALP

The Assessment for Learning Project (ALP) is a nationwide grantmaking and field-building initiative inviting educators and systems leaders to fundamentally rethink the role of assessment to advance student learning and improve our K-12 public schools. Since launching in 2015, ALP has awarded 28 project teams with grants of varying sizes along with ongoing personalized coaching and technical assistance. Grantee teams are joined by other field leaders in a national learning community, a dynamic network representing all levels of the United States' education system collectively working to #rethinkassessment.

ALP is led by the Center for Innovation in Education in partnership with Next Generation Learning Challenges and design parter 2Revolutions. The Assessment for Learning Conference is produced by ALP in partnership with Envision Learning Partners and Leadership & Design.

What problem(s) are we trying to solve?

  • Traditional assessment systems measure only a fraction of what matters most to individuals and communities – namely, the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are essential for student success;

  • Assessment is too often done to students rather than with them;

  • Educators are not sufficiently prepared nor empowered to determine the most appropriate roles for assessment in support of learning.

  • Assessment is too often treated as an event rather than a process, isolated from instruction and conflated with accountability; and

  • Decades of using assessment as a neutral observer of inequity – measuring and monitoring achievement gaps – has done little to actually create more equitable learning environments.

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